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Dentist Testimonial

Dr. Whitemore

Brad’s program was great! His team and he both did an excellent job in the presenting of their material and the introduction of their systems and how it has been very effective for them. Everyone who has responded so far is correct in their evaluations. What was even more impressive than the presentation was the organization of material in manual form and more importantly, the three manual information packet he has for sale to demonstrate and detail that which he teaches. If you did not buy these from him, you should.

Dr. Matt Bynum , Founder BMW Seminars and LVI Instructor

I have just attended a wonderful course in Savannah and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Brad has done such a good job in breaking down his office procedures into systems that can be copied or modified into anyone’s office. You can go to this course and learn something no matter what level your journey is at. As a matter of fact, I wish I could be just starting out now and had Brad as a resource.

Two thumbs up. I had a wonderful experience.

Curtis Westersund, LVI doctor and nationally recognized marketing genius

What can you say except INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brad and his TEAM have done and awesome job of putting the puzzle together. They have, they use and they share more systems than anyone I have ever heard of. They have put the NICHE in NICHE PRACTICE.

I always ask dentists, “If you could have any kind of practice you wanted, what would it be like?” For twenty years I have gotten the same answer. Now I have seen it in action. Brad and his TEAM have that practice.

Stop asking about it and JUST SIGN UP FOR IT!!!

Ashley C. Johnson III, JD Clinical Dental Consultants, Inc

Brad has put it all together — his system is the epitome of how to set up an LVI practice. His office is so organized that he might not be needed…It has taken Brad years to get to this point, but his plan can obviously be copied and help the rest of us get there much quicker…

Dr. Phil Jackson, LVI Graduate