Niche Practice Seminars


  • Learn how to design, market, and deliver the best results that dentistry has to offer in this 18 volume DVD series. If you have ever wanted to up your ability to provide a higher level of service to your patients, as well as develop the practice of your dreams, this information is for you
  • This book contains a 30 minute DVD dental infomercial and the script. This program will allow you to easily and economically create your own infomercial for broadcast, web use, or use internally in your practice.
  • This over 2 hour DVD not only defines the LVI Style Practice, but shows you how to get there! You will learn not only how to transition your practice, but how to enroll patients, and how to deliver the treatment more predictably.
  • This new, three book set contains all of the reference materials presented in our exciting course. All three modules contain every document presented during the seminar and files on CD-Rom that you can customize.