Do you feel like your practice is trapped in a cycle of low-fee, insurance-based procedures? Do you feel that you never get to do the high-quality dentistry your patients deserve and that you long to give them? Are you working harder than ever, but feel like it’s harder than ever to make ends meet?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can transform your practice so you do only the dentistry you love to do, for patients who appreciate the quality of your work. And, best of all, you’ll work less while making more money.

It might sound impossible, but it’s not. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Ask Dr. Brad Durham. He used to be exactly where you are now, with a mediocre insurance-based practice that didn’t make him or his patients happy. But with an innovative approach, he transformed his practice to give joy to his patients, his staff, and himself.

Dr. Durham believes that every dentist deserves a chance to own this kind of practice. And every patient deserves treatment at that kind of practice. That’s why he wants to teach the lessons he’s learned to dentists who are struggling where he was. That’s why he’s made this course of videos to teach dentists what they need to know to make this transformation.

The videos represent a complete course, and possibly the most transformative you’ll ever take. It starts where you are now: a technically excellent dentist who can’t find patients who demand and appreciate your excellence. It teaches you how to make a practice that will attract those patients, the kind of practice that will make them–and you–happier.

Commonsense Lessons That Are Easy to Apply to Any Practice

With the benefit of hindsight, Dr. Durham can see that the best way to transform a dental practice is actually very intuitive. But it didn’t seem that way at the time. And since then, he’s seen many dentists stumble and make the same mistakes he did.

But that doesn’t have to be you. This online course can guide you through the obstacles you’ll face, showing you how to circumvent them before they become problems, and how to deal with them if they do.

You Know the Techniques, But Don’t Get to Perform Them

When dentists look to improve their practices, the first place they start is by learning a new technique. It’s a natural thought–you want to know more techniques that you can offer your patients to improve their results.

However, most dentists find that their patients don’t seem to want this new technique. They want to keep getting the same old, mediocre dentistry they’ve always gotten. It’s very frustrating, but, if you think about it, it’s also completely expected.

Part of the blame belongs on the dentist. When they learned how to perform their new technique, they didn’t learn how to properly communicate that technique to patients. They expect that a patient will just immediately see the benefit and jump on it. Educating patients is a process that dentists and their staff are usually very bad at.

But part of the problem is the patient. Not that there’s anything wrong with the patient, per se, but they’re not the right patient for this procedure. If you’ll forgive the riff on the cliche, you can’t offer an old patient new procedures. Your old patients came to you for the dentistry you used to offer. They might not be happy with it, but it’s familiar and comfortable. Something new may be a little scary, or it may just be that they “don’t think of you that way.”

There are two lessons to learn here. First, you need to know not just the technique, but how to communicate its benefits to patients who don’t know dentistry the way you do. Second, you might need to attract an entirely new patient base. Some patients will gladly accept the new practice, but many won’t. And that’s okay. You give them the choice, and they decide. You will learn how to overcome these obstacles in this online course.

Better Systems for Better Service

To a great extent, your dental practice is made up of systems. Whether you prefer to think of it as a machine, or as a living being, the truth remains the same: it only works when all the systems work. And if you want to optimize the performance of the whole, you need systems that perform optimally.

Over the years, Dr. Durham has tweaked and optimized the systems in his office to work together. These systems help his practice run efficiently to provide every patient with a quality care experience–and help the practice stay profitable. With the right systems, you can both provide more to your patients and get more for yourself. There is nothing wrong with being profitable when you are caring for your patients.

A Concise Course That Packs a Punch

We know that your time is in demand. That’s why this course is a lean 9 videos that is packed tight with all the information you need to make this transformation.

You’ll learn the basics of the niche practice model. You’ll also learn about the critical systems to put in place to ensure your practice runs efficiently, including how to make an appointment book that lets you always run on time while optimally utilizing the resources you already have in your practice. The course shows that you don’t have to be a salesman to sell more dentistry, just a good dentist and a good communicator. Learn how to build the right team and train them to properly hand off patients to one another and to you. Learn how having high values in terms of ethics and excellence leads to a practice with high values in terms of dollars.

Plus, you’ll also get access to the classic series of 18 course videos that include more technical nuggets to help you make this profound transformation in your practice.

If You Don’t Change, Your Practice Will Always Be the Same

We understand: change is scary. Fear of change is completely normal.

But you have to look at your options clearly: you can either make no changes and keep your practice the way it is forever. Or you can change and truly have the practice you’ve always dreamed of.