If you are serious about implementing the Niche Practice model in your office, you will benefit from the 12-month consulting program. In this program, Dr. Durham and his team will guide you and your team through making this difficult transition, step by step. You’ll start with a detailed seminar for you and your team, followed by a year of follow-up visits. Plus, you can call and get help with any situations, concerns, or questions that may come up during the transition. This is what really enables you to meet the needs of patients who are hungry for the high level of care that they can’t find elsewhere.

Are you ready to become the dentist you always dreamed you could be? Please contact us now to sign up for your 12-Month Niche Practice program.

Woman Taking Notes at Niche Seminar

Complete Course Materials

It’s hard to pack Dr. Durham’s 35 years of dental experience into a short series of videos. So the course videos are obviously a condensation of the full program. If you want to really get the full material, you need to participate in the live seminar.

In the live seminar, Dr. Durham goes over the material in great detail, illustrated colorfully with anecdotes, examples, and metaphors in Dr. Durham’s inimitable style. If you know Dr. Durham, you know how much more animated he can be in person than he comes off in the videos. The material is not only more complete, it’s more impactful and more memorable.

A Custom Program for You

Although the core information for the Niche Practice model is contained in the online course, applying it to your practice comes with many challenges. In the 12-month program, we design a course that is tailored to your needs. We identify the key challenges that your practice will face, the concerns you have about the process, and the potential for success.

Then we customize the course to address all those strengths and weaknesses. There are only five or six dentists (plus their teams) at each live seminar, so we can customize each session to a great degree. Add in breakout sessions, questions you can ask, discussions, and you’ll see that you have the opportunity to get a lot of information specific to your practice and dedicated to your goals.

Niche Classroom

Roleplay Key Interactions

It’s easy for Dr. Durham to say that you should leverage emotional encounters with patients. He’s done it thousands of times. His team can easily tell you that you have to tolerate confrontation. They’ve got it mastered. But when it comes time to actually do, it may not be as easy for you, and if it doesn’t go well, it can hurt your confidence and make future interactions harder.

That’s why the live session emphasizes roleplaying key interactions between team members and patients. You will get a chance to become comfortable with these interactions so that you enter each encounter with the confidence to be successful.

12 Months of Follow-Up

Many times you will leave a weekend course energized and excited, but a little later you aren’t able to apply what you’ve learned. Either you can’t remember critical information, you’ve lost your energy for the material, or you’re just having difficulty putting it into practice.

Dr. Durham doesn’t want that to happen to anyone who takes his seminar. Instead, he and his team work hard to ensure success for each and every practice that participates. That’s the purpose of giving a full 12 months of follow-up for the program. With periodic reminders, course corrections, and encouragement, you will have time to develop your own momentum so that this is a program that will really make a difference in your practice. You will be able to look back and know: this is when it changed.

Taking Notes in Class

The Intensive Program Schedule

Our intensive program consists of four weekends of training. Here is the rough schedule that we follow (specifics, of course, are customized to your practice’s needs).

Weekend #1: For this weekend, the dentist, practice administrator, and new patient team will learn the basics of sales, marketing, and delivery of sales. There will also be a breakout session with the dentists only to develop strategic plans, cover leadership issues, set everyone up for success and to answer any specific questions or issues.

Weekend #2: The dentist, admin, and new patient team return to gain mastery of all the concepts presented in the previous weekend.

Weekend #3: The dentist will return with the hygienist(s) and dental assistants to go over specific sales scenarios, delivery of services, and technical aspects of the Niche Practice model.

Weekend #4: This weekend involves the entire team learning to apply what they learned together.

Post-Graduate Programs

We want you to succeed with the Niche Practice model, but sometimes it’s more difficult than you anticipated. Our post-graduate programs allow you to either come back for retraining during a specific weekend of the Intensive Program, or design your own custom training weekend that focuses on your specific challenges.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

We understand: change is hard. But is it really as hard as facing a lifetime at your practice as it is now? If you want to have the practice that you’ve always dreamed of, you need to make a change.

Our 12-month program gives you the best chances of making a successful transition from your current practice to a highly successful Niche Practice. If you want to make that change and make it right, please contact us to reserve your spot today.