The heart of our 12-month Niche Practice program is the live seminar. This week-long event brings you and your team together with Dr. Durham, his team, and other dentists to go over the core of the Niche Practice material. When you’re here, you’ll get all the information and preparation you need to successfully transform your practice.

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An Engaging Experience

When you come to Savannah for the live seminar, you realize that you’ve made a decision that will change your practice and your life.

If you’ve ever taken one of Dr. Durham’s courses at LVI, you know how energizing he can be. And when you come to Savannah, the experience is magnified tenfold. He brings all his energy to the Niche Practice seminars. He knows that the seminar is what will truly make a difference in patients’ lives. By transforming more dentists to practice as he practices, he will ensure that all patients everywhere can have access to the high level of dental care he feels everyone deserves.

The Team That Learns Together

Behind every great dentist is a great team. You may be leading this change, but you’re not going to make it successfully without your team. That’s why they come with you. And it’s why Dr. Durham’s team participates in the training with him.

When your team comes to learn with you, you can all work together to start to create the smooth teamwork that leads to great patient experiences and also greater case acceptance.

Meet Like-Minded Dentists

The Niche Practice seminar began as a patient-driven phenomenon. Patients who were moving would ask Dr. Durham if there were other dentists around the country that practiced the way he did. That’s when he realized that all patients deserved to have access to this level of dental care.

As the course has grown in popularity, he has been delighted to meet all the dentists who are dedicated to this high level of patient care. Every class is made up of dentists who are the smartest, most personable individuals. Many of them are impeccably skilled in the technical aspects of dentistry and innovators in that area. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to dentists.

These dentists obviously bring a lot to the live seminar. The interactions among the dentists add an extra level to the instruction. With all the time you get to spend with them, these dentists can become some of your closest friends. Although you may go your separate ways, you’re making the transition together, and it’s common for you to lean on one another for support and encouragement.

A Custom-Built Facility

You’ve probably had a CE experience where the course was held at a facility that was not ideally suited. This can be disruptive and reduce the quality of instruction.

This is not a concern at Dr. Durham’s seminar. He purpose-built his seminar facility specifically for this course. Everything is set up to optimize the instruction and the experience to ensure instruction is smooth and enriching, with no precious instruction time lost to technical issues.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Are you ready to make a change that will benefit you, your practice and your patients? The Niche Practice seminar will help you perform patient-centered dentistry at a higher level than you’ve ever achieved before. Please contact us today to reserve your spot at this exclusive event.