We know that changing your practice doesn’t happen overnight. You may wake up one day and make a commitment to change, but it takes time to actually implement the changes. Staying the course and overcoming the day-to-day challenges is really the hard part of becoming a Niche Practice. That’s when you need support the most. And that’s why we provide it.

Dr. Brad Durham wants everyone who takes his course to succeed. He believes that his practice model delivers the best care for all patients, so, ideally, it’s the way that all dentists should practice. To help dentists make the transition at their practice, he offers a year of support to dentists as they go through the course.

If you’re ready to make the change to a Niche Practice, we’re ready to help you. Please contact us today to reserve your place in the 12-month Niche Practice program.

Follow-Up Visits

There is nothing like an in-person visit to help renew your commitment to the Niche Practice concept. As part of the follow-up to the live seminar, you will be able to visit our office again and refresh yourself on the smooth function of our office and the quality of our patient care. We can review any of the concepts that you are having trouble remembering, and we can talk through any obstacles you may have encountered to help you get your conversion back on track.

In addition, one of our representatives will also visit your office to check on the implementation of the Niche Practice ideals.

This is a critical piece of the process, because sometimes the lessons don’t stick until you actually see them working in your office.

Contact Us Any Time

In addition to the follow-up site visits, we are always here to answer your questions throughout the 12-month follow-up period.

Dr. Durham will give you his personal cell phone number, and you can call him whenever you have a question. He’ll answer your question and help you work through any and all issues you may be facing right now.

Over 35 years of practice, and decades of helping other dentists, Dr. Durham has developed insight that just can’t be packed into a single seminar, even if it is a week long. He picks the most relevant material for the courses, but he also has the rest of the information on ready recall. When you have a question, the odds are good that he has an answer, and he can share that with you if you ask.

The Best Year of Your Career

The 12-month Niche Practice program is a year that will transform your practice, and your career as a dentist. You may not have found the practice you always dreamed of, but you can make it. You may not have become the dentist you always dreamed of, but you have the potential. We can help you unlock that potential, and you’ll be amazed as the transformation happens right before your eyes.

Please contact us today to reserve your spot in the 12-month Niche Practice program.