Are you unhappy with your practice, but you’re not sure what needs to be done to make it the kind of practice that you’ll love? Let us help. We offer custom consultations allow us to assess your practice so that we can give detailed recommendations. You’ll also be exposed to the Niche Practice model so you can decide if it’s right for you. With a site visit and in-depth personal discussion, this short but intense review of your practice will give you a clearer sense of what problems in your practice might be causing you problems, and what direction is best to take in the future.

If you would like to schedule your custom consultation and practice assessment, please contact us today.

You Can Come to Us or We’ll Come to You

Every custom consultation is, by definition, custom, matched to your goals and your needs. But there are a few things that we normally do. One thing we do is meet in person with one or two office visits. You may travel to our office, we may travel to yours, or both.

When you travel to our office, you will get to see the Niche Practice model functioning up close. You’ll observe the systems we use in our office to deliver optimal patient care–as well as great patient experiences. You’ll see how our team works together so every patient gets the perfect treatment they desire. Then you’ll talk to Dr. Durham and his staff about how the Niche Practice model works.

When we visit your office, a representative will assess how your practice runs, look at your office systems, and evaluate the type of care and experience you deliver to your patients. They can then talk to you about what they’ve seen and how things might be different.

In both visits, we’ll talk to you about your values and the goals of your practice so that the recommendations we make will fit what you are trying to achieve in your office.

An Office Treatment Plan

The goal of the custom consultation is your own, personalized office treatment plan. Just like the treatment plans we design for patients, this office treatment plan contains a set of detailed steps that will help you take your practice from where it is now to where you want it to be.

The treatment plan will include a detailed list of challenges that we see for your practice and some steps that we recommend you might take to go from where you are today to the practice you want to have.

We might recommend some basic changes, or we may recommend that you take the Niche Practice online or 12-month course.

Consultation Options

We offer three different options for getting your custom consultation.

East and West Coast Introduction Weekends: We periodically run introduction weekends on both coasts. These are general introduction programs that give you a taste of what makes the Niche Practice model so effective.

Niche In-Office Consultation Weekend: If you would rather have a custom program designed for your practice, we can do that. We will come to your office and spend two days there with you, giving you insights into how you can improve your practice. We will introduce you to the marketing, sales, and delivery of services concepts that form the core of the Niche Practice model. If you want, you can combine this with a visit to our campus for one of the weekends of the Niche Practice Intensive Program.

Strategic Planning Weekend: This is a 2-day overview of the Niche Practice business model, including leadership, team building, profitability, sales, delivery of services, and more. It is essentially the first weekend of the Niche Practice Intensive Program.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you don’t take steps to improve your practice, it will always be the practice it is today. If you’re happy with that, then no change is necessary.

But if you think your practice can and should be better, now is the time to act. Please contact us today to schedule your custom consultation and plan for a better tomorrow.