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Transform Your Dental Practice

Years ago, Dr. Brad Durham had a failing dental practice. He was running an insurance-based, high-volume dental office. He wasn’t happy, and neither were his patients. So he decided to make a change. He changed his practice to a more patient centered practice, dedicated to giving his patients a choice of what they wanted in order to achieve a lifetime of optimal dental health, dental and facial aesthetics, and full neuromuscular function.

It took years of hard work, but now Dr. Durham has a dental practice he loves. He’s happy. His patients are happy. And he’s financially secure. That means that he can offer the best facility, best staffing, and the best technology available. Even more importantly, his patients have the choice to do the treatment they want, not treatment forced on them in order to cover the expenses of the overhead burdened practice.

Dr. Durham’s patients were so happy with his dentistry that they were sad when they had to move and could no longer visit his office. They asked if other dentists practiced as he did. So he decided to train other dentists in his style of dentistry.

Now Dr. Durham wants to help you transform your practice. Do the elite dentistry you love. Find patients who want, need, and appreciate that level of dental care. Enjoy financial freedom from debt and insurance companies.

With Dr. Durham’s in-depth seminars in Savannah, GA, or his online minicourse, you can learn how to turn your practice around. Start your transformation today.

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Deliver Quality. Earn Trust. Improve Lives.

Many dentists worry that bringing in high-value cases means becoming a salesman, something they’re not good at and don’t want to do. But it doesn’t, not in the way you’re thinking.

Most patients don’t know there is such a thing as life-changing dentistry. And if you tell them that it does exist and that you can deliver it, they won’t believe you. If you try to sell it to them, they will leave and never return. Patients hate being sold to!

But there is a way to deliver service that teaches patients why they should believe in and invest in life-changing dentistry. Dr. Durham can teach you this sequence that earns patients’ trust by delivering results in stages. They’ll see and feel the difference your dentistry makes. And when they realize that your claims about the beauty, health, and function of their teeth aren’t exaggerated, they will be sold.

No high-pressure tactics. No constant hounding of patients. No shady manipulation. Just quality dentistry delivered to patients who want, need, and appreciate it.

Don’t resign yourself to doing the dentistry that’s bad for patients and disheartening to you. Make a change to only deliver dentistry you’ll be proud of, life-changing dentistry that makes you and your patients happy. Learn how with Dr. Durham’s online minicourse, or with his in-depth 12-month course, including seminars in Savannah, GA.



Patients Deserve Better from Their Dentists

Dentistry seems to be heading down a dark path. It’s increasingly dominated by corporate dentistry offices owned by investment bankers who care only about profits. They work with insurance companies who also focus on their profits. Dentists and patients are both being squeezed in the middle, forced to sacrifice quality of care and quality of life.

But there is another way. You can learn that better way. Learn how to show patients that they should demand better of their dentist. Show them the rewards of elite dental for their health and happiness.

Dr. Durham would love to deliver life-changing dentistry to every patient in the world that wants it, but he can’t. He needs the help of committed dentists across the country and around the world to ensure every patient has access to this level of dental care.

Your career is at a crossroads. You can choose the valley path defined by corporate dentistry and insurance companies. Or you can take the high road where you are free to deliver quality dental care.

The climb is steep, but Dr. Durham can help you and your practice ascend. Learn more about the online course or in-person seminar that can transform your practice.

Brad’s program was great! His team and he both did an excellent job in the presenting of their material and the introduction of their systems and how it has been very effective for them. Everyone who has responded so far is correct in their evaluations. What was even more impressive than the presentation was the organization of material in manual form and more importantly, the three manual information packet he has for sale to demonstrate and detail that which he teaches. If you did not buy these from him, you should.
Dr. Matt Bynum 
Founder BMW Seminars and LVI Instructor

Niche Practice Seminars

Niche Practice Seminars gives dentists critical insight to transform their practice. Deliver better care to your patients. Enjoy more job satisfaction. And improve revenue. You can be the dentist you always wanted to be.